Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the Beginning...

A new blog. Oo, boy.

Why am I doing a blog? Couple of reasons: one, a friend asked me to blog about my cats. Technically, that'd be three reasons - I have three cats. But... a blog focused on my cats? Really? *glances at the two who are nearby* Yeeaaahhh... I like my cats and they will be mentioned here, possibly often enough that this blog maybe should be called something creative like... oh, I don't know... "*CATS!* In Real Life!" or something equally catchy. But, really? Cats sleep fourteen hours a day or least in my household, twenty hours a day, and that'd make for a boring blog. ("Day Thirteen: Little Timmy woke Bug up from his nap just so that Bug would snuggle with him while they both napped." Not happening, folks.)

So, yeah, I rather dismissed that friend's request (sorry, dear friend: I love my cats, but not quite that much; that doesn't mean I don't value your friendship!) but then my co-workers, who are quite a fabulous bunch of people, said that I should do a blog based on my travels. I haven't really been many places but I'm heading somewhere quite 'scary' and 'exotic' (by some people's standards) in a few weeks. Several folks claim to be eager to hear about my adventures and see the photos I take. This is the suggestion that is getting me off my duff to start a blog.

Another suggestion was also made: that I blog about weight loss. *sigh* Weight loss... that's the baggage I carry around. I like food, lots. Many of my travel adventures will be about the food I encounter (for example, in Paris, there was this really divine.... oh, that's a story for later, nevermind). I didn't grow up with a healthy relationship with food and now I'm working to set it right. Some of the entries here will be about food, health, diet. Those terrible things that often sidetrack us from being happy with ourselves and living our lives.  Don't worry, I'll warn you when the post is about weight loss. (And on that note: I lost 3.2 pounds this week! Yay!)

So, we'll see how long this lasts and whether I ever figure out how to post pictures or post from the iPhone or from wherever my travels take me.

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  1. Well, we think Blogging about cats is a fine use for a blog, or even several blogs.

    But then, we ARE cats.